Single serving cleanse

I'm on day 25 of my 14 day cleans of dairy and refined sugar from my body. No, I didn't forget how to count. I just realized three things from this little experiment. 

One, I feel amazing now. Two, I felt like shit before. Three, I like feeling amazing way better than I like the taste of ice cream. How do Amazing, shit and ice cream all intertwine into this story? Well, I'll tell ya. 

If you're looking for an easy cleanse: simply cut out ONE thing for a couple of weeks like sugar, caffeine, dairy, meat, etc. Just eliminating one thing that you usually rely on will re-wire your brain a little, because each time you normally reach for that thing, you are changing patterning by remembering you are on a cleanse from it. At which time, you are forced to think of an alternative. Once those new pathways are created, even after the cleanse, your new wiring offers you an easier route to making healthier choices every day, even if you're not on a strict "cleanse" from that thing anymore. You've created a new "Option Pathway." And that leads to a whole new world.


Ella Luckett

Ella Luckett, founded Jai Yoga Arts in 2011 after being a freelance teacher for more than a decade. Now, in her sixteenth year of teaching, Ella is just as passionate as ever at bringing the life changing benefits of yoga to her students. Ella is certified in Ashtanga, JivaMukti, and Prana Yoga. She is so grateful for her teachers Sharon Gannon, David Life and Shiva Rea.

Ella’s classes exude her spirit of love, play, and wisdom.  You'll receive a heart pumping vinyasa flow with a beautiful meditative quality, and thoughtful dharma to both sooth you and invite you to grow. Ella hand selects and personally trains all of the teachers at Jai to spread our mission of a cohesive and inspired community. Come experience Ella's class, you'll be so glad you did!