Yoga based - Sugar Cleanse and Mind Body Renew!

kick the Sugar Cycle and create your Yoga and Meditation Self Practice.

Starts August 8th

4 Week session - All online!

$200 Early Bird: $149 through July 31ST!
Course plus one private coaching session: $199

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In July 2017, I started something I had no idea would have a life changing impact.

In July 2017,  I went on a 14 day sugar cleanse. I didn't know if I'd even get through it, but it's now a year later, and I haven't stopped! I feel like I lost about six years of weight and age from my life, and the results just keep rolling in. Here's what I've gained that you can have too!

  • Higher energy
  • Clear mind
  • Stable and more positive emotions
  • Lose that heavy gross "gut" feeling
  • Accomplish goals with all your extra energy!

Doing it in a supportive group, with tips and online meetings as with Ella, makes it easier to commit and stay committed.   


I'm in awe of how not being enslaved by cravings, crashes and constraints has changed my life, and I passionately want to help other people experience this awesome feeling!

Along the way, I learned a ton about addiction, habits and amazing techniques that makes these changes possible...

I want to share what I learned with you!

The Sugar Cleanse and Renew includes:

  • Guided sugar cleanse - I promise you can do it with my help!
  • Yoga, Meditation, and Mantra practices
  • Step by Step guide to home practice and habit setting
  • Go-To’s for conquering pitfalls and slumps
  • Meet others just like you, who are working toward a better life!
  • Support for your personal goals!
  • PLUS! Optional Personalized session to receive your own tailored Mind-Body practices! (extra)

It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought once the cleanse started. I felt better than ever!