Every Journey needs a Guide...

  • Career/Purpose/Abundance

  • Health/Wellbeing/Happiness

  • Relationship/Love/Community

  • Sadhana Guidance: Your Unique Path

  • Personalized Yoga and Meditation Practices


The Source of Suffering

The biggest source of tension is when you're not operating in alignment with your true path. It may be that you are not in the right place, or doing the right thing, or it might be that the external things are right, but somehow you are internally still feeling off. 

In my coaching practice I help people get clarity on what area in their life needs to shift. It could be internal or external. It could be physical, spiritual, relational, or career. Through inquiry, our first step together is to find your first target for growth. 


Manifest Yourself

So many coaches don't have an overall plan of sequencing to their work. I take each client through three stages, for a complete experience, so that you can see real change in a specific area of your life. 


I'll begin by giving you tools you tailored to your specific needs to strengthen your internal system, and prepare for changes you want to make. 

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Mudras
  • Mantras
  • Change in diet
  • Sleep cycles
  • Habit forming / Habit dissolving


Once your system is more steady, you will start to feel your own compass aiming you toward specific goals. Together we will boil those goals down into action steps and identify the resources that can help you reach them. Each week, I'll give you new specific practices, so that you personal practice is tailored to what direction your energy needs to be shifting in week to week.

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There will be milestones along the way. Places where you look back at the path behind you, and see how far you've come. And chapters you will complete, feeling like you've taken a big leap, and need to simmer in the fruits of your efforts. This is why I like to work with people in finite increments. The 5 or 10 week series give us a set time to reach these pinnacles. The stages we go through are:

  • Clear the Decks: Preparation time to set yourself up for change.
  • Dive in: The 40 day period in which the bulk of the growth and change happens. This is the traditional transformation period in yogic philosophy, proven to break habits and build new ones. 
  •  Fortify: Become steady in your new grounded confidence and manifestations. 

Investment in your best life:

$120 per individual session 

$108/each for 5 sessions "Specified Change"

$92/each for 10 sessions "Complete Transform"