Am I qualified?

A lot of people have that question: "am I physically agile enough?"  We believe that yoga is for everyone, and your level of "achievement" in yoga is not at all something that matters when it comes to becoming a teacher. In fact one of the teachers we study in the program is Matthew Sanford, who teaches from his wheel chair as he is paralyzed from the chest down!  So, do you need to be able to do an arm balance or headstand? Not at all! It's about learning and understanding principles of energetic alignment, which we teach you in the program. 

That said, we do want to make sure that you understand that the program is physically demanding, as you will be practicing yoga 3 times a day for a month.  To ensure that you are able to handle that level of physical activity, we suggest that people should come in having been established in at least some sort of exercise routine of at least 3 times a week, whether it's yoga or other activities. 

Is Jai a YOGA ALLIANCE approved school?

Yes!  Jai Yoga is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance is the world standard in high quality yoga instruction and teacher training. Upon successful graduation from the Jai program you will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a YA200 teacher. 

Will I be able to teach after training?

Graduates of the Jai YTT program tend to feel very confident to teach after training! In fact, that is our tag line: "Graduate with confidence." Ella has specifically designed the program to give students lots of practice teaching time, and ample tools and structure to feel that they really know how, and also have experienced teaching a vinyasa yoga class after graduation. Many programs throw a lot of theory at you, and leave you to fill in the blanks. At Jai, you get hands on experience every day where you are putting into motion what you are learning in a safe "practice" setting. Most of our students feel ready and excited to teach their first public class after graduation.

Can I take it just to learn more, even if I don't want to teach?

Absolutely! We do have some students who really just want to deepen their own practice and enhance their understanding of yoga. While we give lots of instruction on how to teach, there is equal amount of time spent on how this practice serves you in your own life! Body, mind and soul!  For those who do want to teach, they need to root their teaching in their own practice, so you will find this course is very much focused on internalizing the yoga wisdom whether you want to teach it or not. You will naturally be a teacher, by example of how you live your life with these beautiful life enhancing tools. 

Is there a lot of reading?

The assigned readings are in very digestible, and well timed amounts. Ella designed the course with poignant readings from the following books below. We explore the key chapters of these books, and then you can always expand upon the readings at your leisure. 

“Light on Life”  by BKS Iyengar (Not light on Yoga)

“The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” by Swami Satchidananda     

“The Key Poses of Yoga, Volume 2” by Ray Long    

“Waking” by Matthew Sanford  

Your own journal and/or notebook

Is there a payment plan option?

We do offer payment plans for the Brooklyn YTT that extend throughout the training. For the month intensives abroad, you can also break the payments out over time from the time you sign up, however the course must be paid in full upon the first day of training.