See what our students are saying about Jai.

I never imagined that I could get so much out of 200 hours. It brought light to my life, and deepened my practice in a beautiful way. I left each day of training feeling like I was on a path to something amazing.
— Erin B.
So often we search the outside world for meaning and purpose, but through my yoga training with Ella I was able to find purpose within myself. The yoga training program with Jai was an amazing experience that taught me how to share my love and passion for yoga with each student I teach. I would recommend the Jai Yoga Arts Teacher Training program to anyone who seeks to share their love for yoga with the world.
— Erika B.
Feeling a little lost in the New York lifestyle…
Jai’s teacher training with Ella Luckett is perfect for anyone looking find a strong united connection with oneself and the universe. Ella covers all aspects of a full yoga practice and really brings you back in touch with your true spirit in the process. These 200 hours left me feeling strong and confident in teaching a full yoga class as well as leading my own home practice. It has opened me up to share my love and creativity, I can’t even imagine not going through with this program! This will bring you light and clarity in your life you’ll be ready to share.
— Lauren C.
Through intense immersion, the spirit of yoga grew in everyone of us. I never could have expected the transformational process that would ensue. If you want your practice to take on meaning, I’d do your teacher training at Jai.
— Cayla B.
Wow, this Yoga Teacher Training at Jai Yoga Arts was absolutely amazing and life-changing. Before the training, I felt like my life had reached this ceiling, I was stagnant. I went into it thinking that I was just going to learn the technical elements of being a yoga instructor, but I have gained such a better understanding of myself through and through. Now ten weeks later, I feel so alive, so enlightened—I feel that I now have my wings to fly, that I have my voice to express myself truthfully. I could not thank Ella and the Jai community enough for the space they created.
— Paul M.
Jai Yoga has brought so much fun and compassion into my heart. Ella is this awesome, elegant lady, and the atmosphere at Jai is really open and loving. And because the program is so small and intimate, I’ve made some really great friends. I left every class feeling absolutely blissed out. I miss it so much already! I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.
— Frances G.
Going through the yoga teacher training course was a life changer in every aspect. Yoga is everywhere in my life. For me, the practice extends way further than the mat. It has given me a map for living. I have gained a whole new level of self awareness and am better to all those around me, including myself, because of it. Making the decision to sign up for teacher training felt intimidating, ( is my practice good enough, am I ready), but Ella’s gentle, warm energy made that decision a no brainer! Today I can share my gratitude with an open and full heart for the path I walked down! Ella is truly a remarkable teacher! I am forever grateful.
— Ally P
I had only been to Jai Yoga Arts once before entering the Teacher Training there. . . and I believe that says a lot! From the moment I walked into my first class, I could see that Jai was the personal and intimate setting I had been looking for in a yoga studio. By the time the class was over, I knew that I could feel at home there. The teacher training exceeded my expectations and gave me a far broader knowledge base than I could have hoped for. Ella provided a nurturing atmosphere while pushing me to expand beyond what I felt were my limitations. She encouraged all the trainees to go out in the world and apply that same experience with others. I’ve completed my training with several new friends, a deeper relation to my practice, and feeling primed for the next phase of my journey! Jai!
— Claire T.
It’s difficult to explain into words how wonderful my experience was during my teacher training with Ella. I first met Ella a year and a half ago and immediately felt a warm welcoming from her, the teachers and Jai! She and the studio exude compassion for their students! If it were not for jai, I would not have felt confident to go through a teacher training. Ella exceeded my expectations as a teacher- she became my mentor!
— Christina M.