The Yoga Enlightenment Series

Certificate In Yoga Philosophy and Practice

Transform your life using the Yoga philosophy and practices.

Strengthen your intuition, find your voice, and experience love and happiness.

Fulfills Module 1 of 4 of the Jai Yoga Teacher Training



The Yoga sutras are the root of the yoga practice, and yet rarely understood by even many yoga teachers. This course goes through the key sutras with clear explanation to reveal their powerful life teachings that are immediately applicable to your daily life. The philosophy of yoga will transform the way you think and respond to the world, and leave you feeling a deeper connection to yourself and others, as well as empowered, inspired, and happy.

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In this course you'll develop your own personal practice. Through Yoga postures, meditation and pranayama (breath) exercises, you will develop your inner strength peace and clarity. A personal practice is much different than going to classes. My students have said that this was one of the most life changing things, to have access to the practice within themselves, and not have to rely just on classes. 



The Yoga Sutras themselves, teach us that the teachings only come alive in each other's presence! We cannot just study the words alone, it's through the sharing of our understanding, "aha" moments, and experiences that this wisdom sinks in, and leaves us inspired and transformed. Students have made life long friends through this aspect to the course. Feel supported as you grow in this process. 

Whether you are an aspiring yoga teacher, already a teacher, or just an interested student, embark on the journey of deepening your connection to yourself through yoga. Your Instructor, Ella Luckett leads you into a new way of living and thinking that is truly inspiring. She creates an atmosphere that is open, positive and fosters interpersonal connection.  This course is jam packed with so many tools to set your life on a course that will be forever transformed, illuminated, and free. 


Course Structure

  • Meets one night per week live online from your phone or computer.
  • Readings, video's, and audio supplemental materials to practice with provided
  • Purchase two books: Light on Life and The Yoga Sutras
  • Completes Module 1 of 4 toward Jai Teacher Training certificate

Dates: November 1st - Jan 31st

Investment: $1200
$750 Opening Special (or 3 payments of $260) - Limited number of spots at this rate!


"I loved the practices Ella gave us. They relieved my pain and felt like a kind of antidepressant. They were like a daily multivitamin that left me present, open and confident." 

-Chelsey K., 

Certified Rolfer, 300hr Yoga Instructor


"I started the program feeling dispirited and unsure of myself. As soon as beginning the training with Ella, my energy and interaction with the world began to change. As I accrued the yogic wisdom and Ella's passion, by the end of the course, I had found the happiest relationship I've ever been in, a new job,  and most importantly, a self-intuition and acceptance beyond anything I'd experienced before."

- Shawna W.,