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Dear Student, 

As the founder and primary teacher of the Jai Yoga YTT, it is my personal mission to provide you with a top quality education, while enjoying a life enriching experience.  This is my life's work, and my passion for it comes through in every aspect of the training.

Sixteen years ago, when I was in your shoes, (or bare feet) I had no idea what I was looking for out of a YTT. I had no idea my life would change in an instant with that one month journey I took. It is my absolute joy to now usher students such as yourselves into this amazing space of yoga. I look forward to every group uncovering their potential, their empowerment and their own personal wisdom. Join me, on the adventure of a lifetime; the journey within...




Are you ready for a life changing experience?  Becoming a yoga teacher begins with your own journey of self discovery, and grows with a desire to guide people along their path. It's about increasing your inner strength and peace while  developing  your voice in this world.

The Jai Difference:

  1.  Superior Teaching Technique, Hands on Adjustments & Mind-body Connection. Jai has an unusually high percentage of graduates who have gone on to become teachers.

  2. Personal Growth and Empowerment. You won’t just learn the yoga philosophy, you’ll embody it. Through sutras study and group discussion you'll gain confidence in your understanding and expression of yoga principles. 

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The Teacher

Ella Luckett, founder of New York City based yoga studio, Jai Yoga Arts been teaching yoga for sixteen years and is certified in Ashtanga, JivaMukti, and Prana Yoga. Through Ella, you will receive the wisdom passed down from some of the most prominent voices in the yoga industry today. Ella’s passion for her students growth comes through in every class session.  She slowly unfolds this incredibly dynamic and powerful practice in a practical and inspirational way. Click here to read more about Ella and the Jai style of yoga.


About the Program

The Jai Yoga Teacher Training program is a Yoga Alliance accredited school, ensuring the highest quality standards in the industry.  Graduates are certified at the 200 hour level and recognized internationally as Yoga Alliance Registered Teachers. Jai offers a comprehensive education in the physical, and philosophical, components of yoga.  Most importantly, in the Jai program, you will begin your journey in your heart, and continue it in lasting, flourishing relationships both from training, and back at home.



Learn the mind body connection using the yoga sutras, and texts from the most well respected teachers past and present.  You will dive deep into your own practice to feel and understand how yoga serves your life both on and off the mat. 


Through written and experiential learning you will start to understand your own body better. Learn the anatomical and functional principles to adapt the yoga practice to a wide variety of students. Understand how to protect your students from injury, while offering them the maximum benefit of the postures.  Begin to understand the chemical reactions that occur with in a person, that can cause them to experience stress reduction and increased health. 


Teaching Technique

The Jai program has more practical teaching time than most 200 hour training. Thus far 100% of our students have delivered full length classes with confidence and grace at the end of their training. The intelligent teaching techniques developed by founder Ella Luckett are a key element to this success. 




I'm Interested! 

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You Will Learn...

  • Yoga Sutras
  • Sanskrit
  • Yoga history
  • Teaching methodology
  • Practice teaching
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Lunar Flow (Easy)
  • Basic Beginner
  • Restorative/Yin
  • Anatomy
  • Alignment
  • Hands on assistance
  • Student psychology
  • Basic Neuroscience
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Chanting
  • Injury prevention
  • Pre-natal modifications
  • business of yoga
  • Teaching ethics